If I fell..

"I woke up on the wrong side of the world" -Faron Young

Funny, that's how I felt when I first got to Texas. Ever notice how many conversations revolve around nothing? And you don't really notice until you have a substantial conversation. It's like someone wakes you up and you realize you've been asleep. I know it all sounds oh so melancholy but it's true. Here's a statement you wouldn't expect from me- it's okay that most of us, yours truly included, have endless conversations revolving nothing. It makes us appreciate the substantial conversations even more.

So what's new yall?
WELL, Farberware's closed and I worked a Ann Taylor
for a little bit but decided it just wasn't for me. So I'm hangin out at the moment, playing chauffeur to my brothers while mom and Dave are out of town, so I don't have time for a job right now anyway.

Other than that, Jo hasn't been in the picture much, he's been acting shady so it wasn't something Lauren and I wanted to deal with. To cut through all the drama? He's been lying about the weirdest shit and then some money went m
issing.. It just wasn't adding up. So, I don't know if we'll ever be on the same terms but.. here's to Jo. Hope you find your way.

i've got a job!!

okay, finally after 2 months of searching for jobs, i got offers.
not one, but
two jobs. within two days.
life works in funny ways.

thinking about taking both cause the schedule they offer just fits so damn perfect,
one is in the mornings on weekdays and the other is on tues&thurs nights and weekends.

im pretty much relaxed in school cause im only taking 12 credit hrs.

and here it ain't alot. most people take 16 credit hrs.
im only taking 12 cause my residency rates havent kicked in yet.
have to prove i've been living here for a year before i qualify.

so it would be such a waste to spend thousands of dollars on subjects i can take for only hundreds.
big difference here for my dad, whose paying. haha
so this year im just gonna do 12 credits a sem and chill all summer.
i won't be lazing all 3 months, i would die of boredem, gonna be working, hence the job search now.

and hopeful i'll get to spend some time with my favorite people here :)

the extra money will be good to finance this plan.

and next year i'll go crazy and do 16 credits a sem, summer school and an internship.

sounds like a do-able plan to me. plus the extra $$ dont hurt :D

i am excited.

this isnt a sure plan. gonna see how the next 2 weeks go and see if i die of exhaustion.


the somewhat skinny brian

brian who likes to show card tricks and feel himself up at the same time.

alcoholic brian




feminism on a whole new level

Ehh how long has it been, 234825983280 years? Lol feels like it.

You have to watch August Rush!

Oh hey I might transfer to Syracuse University this fall. I just don't know if I can deal with the cold weather.. Upstate New York's really purrrty though so that's some compensation. No more shorts and tshirts, it'll be coats and layers.. :/

So, my revelation of the week? Women have powers of manipulation like you won't believe! I didn't even believe it.. and I'm a girl. I checked. They can wrap you around their little finger so fast you won't know how you got tangled up in the first place. Now if only I can convince my gender to use their powers for good instead of evil..

Exhibit A:

*names have been changed for the protection of involved parties.

*Sandra wants a diet coke. Luckily, she has an admirer at her beck and call. A little subtle manipulation and she gets what she wants. Observe.

*SandraLeigh87: Hey how was work?
*Tyler7776: Ehh work was work, people are assholes but whatever. What u doing?
*SandraLeigh87: Me and N are just at the apartment. I'm craving a diet coke it's too cold to go out and get one though
*Tyler7776: Lucky for you, I deliver
*SandraLeigh87: Huh what?
*Tyler7776: You want a diet coke right?
*SandraLeigh87:Oh you don't have to get me one!
*Tyler7776: Don't be silly
*SandraLeigh87: Aww are you sure? Thank you. How long til you get here?
*Tyler7776: I'm leaving work soon

Okay that probably wasn't a very good example, I've witnessed worse. Apparently the key is to know your target well enough to know what to say to illicit the response you want. Dude I'm starting to lose faith in my gender. And all you men who fall for it? Subservience never got the girl. Grow a pair.